Friday, April 08, 2016
   Oh man, it's been a busy week  month  year life.  Work is always crazy...we are in the middle of state testing madness.  BUT...summer is on the horizon.
    This summer I'm headed to Ireland and Scotland to discover my roots....and eat Irish Soda Bread and Cadberry chocolate.
     I'm also planning on redoing one of my rooms in my house to be a craft room. I've been on the hunt for the most fabulous finds a girl can find when looking for a functionally fun craft room.  I found the metal diet coke carrier at a thrift store recently.  This is going to house my pens etc.  Everything in my house is pending that craft room.  Once I have my crafts in the craft room I can redo my laundry room (which is currently my craft room).  I don't know why I'm excited about that, but...I am.
     My Mom also retired this year and as a side hobby/for a little money she has a little booth at an antique store nearby...which means that I've been hitting up some Estate Sales nearby...which means I'm buying a bunch of stuff that will never make it's way to my Mom's booth because I want it.  It's a vicious cycle.  This last weekend I scored an antique wardrobe that is over 100 years old....for 63 dollars.  That will make it's way to my craft room as well.
   I'm attempting a garden for about the 30th year in a row.  It goes well until about June when the sun comes out and doesn't leave for 3 months and I give up on the outdoors and slowly watch things wither from my window in my air conditioned house.  BUT....maybe this is the year....and I have all the makings for a pretty fabulous planting station complete with an old door.  I'm sure the missing piece to my success as a gardener is that potting station.  Actually, maybe if I have a fabulous planting station you won't notice the dead plants that surround it.
     This year, my New Year's resolution was to take a photo a day.  I wanted to capture something significant about each day so I value my time more.  I'm posting those photos on instagram.   I think that hits the highlights.  All this to say...lots of crafts on the horizon!  Lots of adventures on the schedule.    

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