Vintage Ribbon Garland

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
I think I've mentioned a time or ten I'm in the process of redoing my craft room...and by redoing, I mean...anticipating my brother moving out and nixing the guest room.  Sorry, guest.  Every room remodel, all both of them begin with me hunting down exactly what I want so I can get the basic shell in place...and then hunt some more.  I originally said I wanted each room of my house to look like someone different did it-shabby chic, bright and sleek so I don't get tired of it.  It turns out I'm not a bright and sleek kind of gal.  Every room ends up being more a conglomeration of odds and ends I find at thrift stores, antique stores, alley ways, but few come from modern haunts.  So, nix the aqua, white, and straight lined craft room...I'm going vintage...again.  I've collected some weird things along the way.  All that to say, I saw this garland made out of old ribbon at an antique store recently.  It certainly won't have a function other than decoration, but I really liked it. I think it's a bunch of old seam binding (thought it might be a bunch of new seam binding someone took and dyed to look old, but...let's pretend it's old seam binding) and lace.  I took a photo at first and left it at the booth b/c I was going to make something like this....but then I remembered this...
...and in this was going to mean hunting and buying a bunch of old ribbon down and spending 92 dollars on that ribbon....or 8.50 for the ribbon someone already hunted down and strung up...I bought the ribbon.
 This is not to say I won't be doing something like this fact, I will be, but that's a surprise for another the meantime, here's a closer look....
They took old lace and looped each ribbon onto the string.  It looks like they crumbled the ribbon a bit (maybe got it damp, squished, and dried?)....and I love the look.
 Garlands speak to me in all shapes and sizes.  It says party.  I like parties.   So...I bought a craft someone else did, and I'm blogging about it.  I supported another crafter.  I saved some time.  I probably saved some money.  I like it.

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