Halloween Yard Signs

Monday, August 08, 2016
 I've been working on some new Halloween yard signs. These two guys are super simple and adorable.  I cut out a wobbly little shape and then used house paint to paint a basecoat for my ghost.  The exterior paint should help prevent the ghost from warping if there is a lot of rain this fall.  I then went back and added a few details and flecked on some black paint with toothbrush to give the white a little character.
For the witches hats I did some curvy triangles and then I could out the little hilly shape.  I bought a star at a craft store (b/c small wood is tricky to cut with a jig saw).  I used wood glue to attach it all together and then nails to reinforce the glue and add it to the stake.  I also put a coat of polycrylic over the whole thing to help give it another layer of weather proofing.

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