Felt Cupcakes

Monday, September 05, 2016
I'm a finisher.  This means, I finish every project, or every idea (I try, at least).  I think of pinterest as more of a to do list than an ideas list.  This can be a little bit of a problem.  Now, I'm not a fast finisher.  I have far too many projects I have the pieces to that aren't finished yet, but they will be...someday.  Having said all that...this is a project I wanted to try out probably four years ago.  I bought the muffin tins and then I saw a squirrel or something.  I finally uncovered these muffin tins and it was time.  I love it because they are play cupcakes you can also use to teach colors.
 I painted the inside of the tin to match the cupcake tops.  As far as making the cupcakes-google a free pattern to make play cupcakes-there should be a ton.  The ones I used didn't work out, so I had to wing it on the way.
I used brown felt for the base which I stuffed and then different colors of fabric for the tops and I hot glued the two pieces together.

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