Thrifting in Oklahoma

Wednesday, September 28, 2016
 One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is take a day trip.  I usually only do this on three day weekends...if then....but....with every mile headed out I feel free.  One of my favorite routes is north to Oklahoma.  I like to scour antique stores and thrift stores.  Over Labor Day I headed north across the Red River.  I've been collecting a few odds and ends for my upcoming craft room.  Mostly, I need functional pieces to organize my materials, but I wanted a few vintage items from OTHER people's craft supplies. I ran into one of my all time favorite stores and found a few finds.  Usually I just share the 'end' result of projects, but...I decided to share a piece to the journey this go 'round.  Anytime I decide to redo something the journey starts months in advance.  I start looking for deals and throwing around ideas in my head.  When it's time to put it all together I usually have most of the pieces I needed, and then I can just add to it over time.  One thing I know I want to store things in are cigar boxes.  I found a few over Labor Day, including one with unicorns inside...what?  Yes.  I also found this little pin cushion with vintage pins...which will go nicely with my pin cushion tomatoes I collected.  I also bought a little stack of books (4) for a buck, including one I'm sure I had as a child (The Night Before Christmas).  These I took up to work where I have a collection of vintage books.  I also found some seed packets from the 80's I took to work...our district's theme this year is growth for all, so....these will probably come in handy.  Again, it was a dollar for about 8 of these.
 OK, the hat pins....those I just couldn't resist.  All but one is from the original packaging...made in America?  What?  I'll probably put these in my craft room somewhere.  The irony of my hat pin obsession is that I never wear any sort of hats, so I would have been the gal without my hat once upon a time, but I just love them....I wavered on this one b/c I knew I didn't 'need' it, but in the end I've learned when I'll regret something I didn't get....and if the money is there I'll go ahead and get it and promise myself "I could sell that..." if I decide it's frivolous.  Trust me, I won't be selling these anytime soon.
 I also bought this antique pink bread box.  It reminds me of some of the color pallets I'm going for and I thought it might be a fun place to store some supplies.  The bird decals?  Those beauties are staying fo' sho'.  Random is my favorite decor pallet!
 Last up from the antique store was this ball jar.  It wa 3.50, but I had a bag of buttons I wanted to put inside from my pal Amber's little gal Charlotte.  Amber knows hat pins are second in my heart because buttons on number one.  I do love a good button.  When I was little they had these bins of vintage buttons you could get bags of at the old MJDesigns and I spent hours sweeping my hand through those buttons and making them click and clatter.
 As soon as I got home I headed down to Home Depot.  They had a deal on paints and I went ahead and stocked up for my craft room and a few other jobs around the house that need to get done sooner than later.
I usually buy one can of paint at a time.  I usually buy one antique at a time, turns out Labor Day was a gold mine for me.  ...and it's Ramen Noodles for October because even at the right price, it sure does add up quick....which is why I need a year to redo any room in the house!

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