Cart Makeover

Wednesday, October 26, 2016
 I'm in the process of putting together a craft room.  It's a long story, and something I've been picking up pieces for over the last year or so.  If I bite off a project a little bit at a time, it tends to help afford said project. The problem is, because I'm always working on a 'little bit' of a lot of different projects I feel a little overwhelmed.  On the plus, I do always finish my projects, on the minus, it just takes a lot of time and quite a lot of chaos.
 In an attempt to be more frugal, as I flip over each room I'm trying to reuse things in my house.  I've had this cart forever.  I don't even know why I originally got it.  It held stationary in my closet forever, and then tissue paper in my hall closet, and's going to hold craft 'stuff.'
Black is not going to work in my craft room.  I bought a can of spray paint (with a 50 percent off coupon-so...less than five dollars), and I went to town.  I covered the wheels just so I didn't have to stress about the paint rolling off.  It took the entire can, was cheaper than buying a new one.  Once I add supplies I'm going to add vinyl words to label each drawer.'s not done yet, but it's one piece that's finished to the big puzzle that will be my craft room.

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barb said...

I really like it! I think I will try that with the white ones I have!