DIY Pegboard

Wednesday, October 12, 2016
I'm turning my guest room into a craft room.  All the guest I would have know I craft,'s time.  I've been doing a few projects over time and I'm just about to get started.  Paint and floors need to happen first, but then the magic happens.  I made a cork board I'll post about soon, but I knew I wanted a peg board.  I thought I might get a large frame a thrift store, but even at thrift stores they were more than 20 dollars.  BUT one evening I took my dog for a walk and someone had a huge frame out by the dumpster....
 I took it home and ripped out the glass/pictures/back so that only the frame was left.
 I grabbed a can of paint and gave it a good coating.
 Last I grabbed a pegboard from Home Depot and I used the inside picture to cut it down to size.  I also added to pieces of wood to the back of the frame so it sticks out a bit from the wall and I can put pegs on it.
So....for less than 7 bucks I have a 3x4 foot pegboard.  Dumpster diving is my new favorite activity.

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