Glitter Glam Leaves

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Here's a really simple fall diy=glitter leaves.  I just used the glitter I had on hand, and the light available in the evening, but they really are pretty in person.  These will be going into a fall centerpiece....just as soon as I clean off my dining table.  So....November maybe.
I bought this bag of leaves at Michael's, but I've also seen them at the dollar tree.  It doesn't really matter what color they are b/c you are going to cover them up, but I liked that they didn't have bulky plastic 'veins'.  I painted them with mod podge and then went to town with my glitter.  I shook off the excess and let it dry.  If you don't like glitter to 'shed' through the years, you can add another layer of mod podge over the dried glitter leaf, but it does dull it just a bit-it will go on white, but dry clear.  I'm used to glitter, so....glitter shed it shall be.

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