Scrapbook Album Guest Book

Saturday, November 05, 2016
I went to a shower in September and they did something for the guest book which I haven't seen before, but I LOVED.  I'm definitely adding this to a future shower activity plan.  The hostess had an 8x8 album and sheets of 8x8 scrapbook paper to choose from.  She bought one of those adorable polaroid cameras that are out right now and took each persons picture when they came in.  Then we were each given our picture and asked to make a page using the stickers/pens/washi tape/glue pen/tags etc she provided.  She then had someone take other pictures at the shower of the cake, gifts etc.  So at the end each guest had a page with a message and a picture and the mom to be had a full album of the shower.  I went with some other gals from work, so we sort of cheated and did the same page, but I took a few pictures of the other pages of those that followed directions.  
Seriously, it was such a cute idea.  Quick, friends get engaged or pregnant because I'm ready to go with this idea!.

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