My New Craft Room

Friday, December 30, 2016
 I always start my year with a list of things I hope I can get accomplished throughout the year.  I'm ending my year with quite a few things on the to do list, BUT I did manage to knock one big thing off the list-a craft room!  This is really a work in progress.  A few years back I redid my bedroom, and what I've found was it was only the beginning because I added things as we went along, and with all these blank spaces on the wall-I've got plans....
 But, here is my start.  The main thing I wanted was work space.  I bought a table a few years back at a garage sale for twenty bucks.  I use this for most of my crafting, but I wanted another space as well, so I found this chrome top table at an antique store a few months ago.
 I made this pegboard using pegboard I found at the home improvement store. I cut it down to fit inside this frame I found in the garbage on a walk.  I sprayed the frame.  This is where the work in progress still goes on.  The frame is literally falling apart.  I just need it to stay up, so I'm going to have my brother come and add some really long screws to make sure all the weight is on the pegboard.
 I have been collecting things from around my house and thrift stores which includes these spice racks I'm using to store washi.  This is, by far, not my only washi, but....I organized these by colors.
 I tried to group everything by crafting 'theme', so when you turn to the next wall, this is where my sewing stuff lives.  Inside this old armoire (I got at an estate sale for 75 percent off on the last day) are all my fabric scraps.....I'll do a video tutorial on youtube and open all the spaces later...
 On top of the armoire is one of my favorite things-an old sewing machine I found at a thrift store for 25 dollars, a suitcase with all of my cutting boards, but most importantly-my jar of pin cushions.  I've been collecting old pin cushions I find in my mind these represent sewers and their labors from years gone by.  The more pinned and poked, the better.
 Right now, my sewing machine is on a desk from my childhood.
 I still need to make a sewing machine cover.  I put up a pegboard (clearance at Hobby Lobby) and a corkboard (I made by cutting down cork I bought at Home Depot and put inside an old frame I sprayed).
 I put some of my thread in this coke case, and then framed up a few old patterns etc.  There is still space above the much room to add more stuff.  As for the machine, like I said, my plan is to make a cover.  I have all the 'stuff' I just need the time.
 Behind the door I've hung SOME gift wrapping stuff on a storage unit I bought at Michael's.  I have the rest of my wrapping paper stuff in a closet....and the hallway....and in the living room.....OK....I have a lot....too much.  I guess it's time to buy a bunch of random gifts to weed out some of this wrapping paper.
 There is a little nook by the doorway where I put my embroidery machine and some of my cricut stuff.
A gal I work with told me about these IKEA bag holders (there were something like two dollars each?) that are perfect for storing vinyl.
 Around the corner I hung a little TV b/c I can only stand my own company so long.  I found this little pantry cart at a sidewalk sell and I filled with printers etc.
 The wreath is a vintage ornament wreath for Christmas, so that won't be up all year, but this little IKEA shelf will.
 I wanted to keep it mostly eclectic, and I would have loved to find an old hardware shelf with cubbies, but I finally gave in and bought a few storage pieces that really were just too functional not to grab, but I filled them up with funky stuff.  I got this cart during a Black Friday sale at Michael's.
 I filled the cart with lots of funk-I got this little display rack that spins from a gal who sales Mary and Martha.  I have an old type writer that reminds me of one of my first loves.  I have old soda cases filled with paint, and a bread box....filled with glitter.

Each cubby is dedicated to some portion of my craft world-ribbons, stamps, buttons etc.  I'll open them up in a video walk through later, but....all this to say-I love all the storage.
Now that everything is in's time to get down to crafting business!  I'm ready 2017!

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