Vintage Ornament Wreath

Friday, December 09, 2016
I recently scored some really great bags of antique ornaments at a thrift store.  I took a video of some of the bags of goodies here.  The only thing I didn't get in a grab bag was the little elf on the top of the wreath.  I bought him at a vintage days show a few weeks back, but I knew I wanted him for this wreath to join the other grab bag elf.  
I got a foam wreath form and two strands of tinsel at the Dollar Tree.  
 The tinsel helped me get the ornaments to stay better.  I just took my glue gun and started gluing.  The nice thing is a lot of the ornaments with imperfections (like the deer with no front paws) could be covered by other ornaments.
I tried to space out the large ones, and then fill in the rest with the smaller ornaments.  
 The only ornaments I refused to glue were the two elves.  I'm in love with these.  I took a long pin and I pushed it through the felt down into the foam wreath.

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