DIY Wall Art Arrows

Monday, January 02, 2017

I've been waiting to post this!  I recently did a friend's nursery...more on that soon.  The theme was loosely travel (her and her husband travel a lot) and I used mint, navy, and gray as the colors.  I'm going to be posting lots and lots of DIYS I included and the final room soon.  The deal was her and her husband did not know the gender, and I had her add some pins for both genders so I had a general idea of what she liked.  So...the gender and the nursery were a total surprise after birth.  
I wanted to add a few pieces that were really affordable, so I bought this piece of thin wood from JoAnn for just about 3 dollars.  
 I cut the wood into three even pieces, and I cut each week in half at a diagonal.
 I evened them out so they were all about the same side and sanded the edges.
 I then used a staple gun to connect the pieces and then I took some wood glue and put it down the seam.
 Next up, I sprayed them the colors I wanted.  I'm often too lazy to go get some gloves and this is what my hand usually looks like after a really good spray paint project...and I spend twice the amount of time it would have taken me to get gloves to clean my hand.  On the other hand, I have incredibly wrinkly hands and always have....I'm a fortune tellers dream.  Too bad I don't buy into that sort of thing.....
I put a little bracket on the back of the arrows to hang these up on the wall.  More on that soon.  

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