Easy Handmade Cards

Thursday, February 02, 2017
I've been trying to make as many of my own cards as possible over the last few years.  1-it's more affordable, 2-it's more personal.  I LOVE vintage greeting cards, and the nice thing is you can usually find free printables online, just put 'vintage *insert holiday name* card images' and tons will come up.  I printed the (above) Valentine card on cardstock.  I trimmed around the edge and glued it down to a blank card I jazzed up with some paper scraps/ribbon/rhinestones etc down the side.  So simple, and really cute.  
I did the same with the middle birthday card image (above, and then I also just used scraps of papers, stickers, and stamps to make some misc birthday cards for friends and family near and far.  So much more satisfying somehow than they usual route!

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