Scrapbooking Pages

Monday, February 06, 2017
 Once upon a time lots of my friends scrapbooked.  With the internet advancing so quickly....most of my friends don't even print their pictures, much less scrapbook them in paper albums.
Through the years, I've found myself printing fewer pictures, but this year I commit to doing more scrapbooking.  I'd like to catch up on the pictures I did print a long time ago (though, that's actually impossible), and to choose special moments to continue to scrapbook.
Recently, my friend Amber and I went down to a scrapbook store in Corsicana that I love and we spent the day scrapbooking.
 The problem with waiting so long is that it's hard to journal the events.
The only picture I had that was semi recent was the one from this past July 4th. more....I'm bringing scrapbooking my life at least!  

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