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Wednesday, March 29, 2017
My friend Amber and I have been scrapbook together as long as we have known each other (11 years).  It might be once a year, or...this year we have gone twice, in the past is was more monthly.  We are now having to drive 1 1/2 hours down the road to a shop with enough supplies to meet our needs, but the company is good and the shopping is fun, so no true complaints.  I have found as the scrapbook stores have left I've stopped printing as many pictures.  I had a lot of pictures I printed in the past I was planning to scrapbook that I never got around too, BUT I am now determined to get those in books, and then start printing again!  So...mission catch up.  
 When we go to the store we bring our own supplies, and I try to anticipate my paper needs in advance.  It's hard to truly travel with all you need, so there are some things I have to purchase, and some things I need to compromise about (do I want to pay 5 dollars for letters or just use what I have?).
 A lot of these pictures were from 2009!  Yikes!  But I also have tried to start printing some more recent events.  Instead of making multiple lay outs for events, I've made some mini albums I slip inside the pages.  Below is a little 'flip book' I made from this shower with pictures of all the details.
 In some case, I have made mini albums from small weekend trips, but I decided I wanted to put one photo to represent that occasion in my album, so below I have a photo from my trip last spring to visit my goddaughter.  Here is a link to the mini album I made from this trip.  Once I catch up, hopefully some time this year, I'm going to try to be better about documenting major events again.
 I feel like the internet is stealing our history.  Someday it'll be 'gone' from social media and our kid's kids kids won't get to flip through some of the events and things that brought us to that point.
 My cousin and his kids come about once a year to visit Texas.  For about three years in a row we went to the zoo.  Instead of making three different pages, I made another mini book with all the photos from the various trips.
 ...and speaking of vintage days.  A few years back we went to the circus.....with Wringling Brother's going out of business we won't be doing that anymore.  :O(  Afterwards, I had them over for circus foods at my house.
 ...and then there was that NKOTB concert-this was my second concert with some gals I work with.  Number 4 is coming up this May.
 I also like making pockets where I can tuck things I Picked up on trips, and here is a waterfall I created to put a bunch of photos from one weekend trip into a two page lay out.
The hope is to head back in April.....I've got about 20 more pages I'd like to do so I'm as caught up as I can be before I start try to get back to scrapbooking on a more regular basis in 'current times.'

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