Friday, April 21, 2017
 I actually made this album for a friend's birthday.  Occasionally some of my friends read my blog, so...if you see 'your' gift in advance....sorry!
 A lot of my friends take pictures, but they really aren't into scrapbooking.  I stopped giving scrapbooks to non-scrapbookers years ago b/c I don't think the gifts are really useful/nor is the time that goes into them understood, but I decided this year I'm going to give it one more go as my friend's have kiddos that get older and their online photos are getting dusty on instagram and facebook.  It scares me to think about the number of pictures that will be 'lost' because they are on a phone and never printed.  I digress...
I found this little drawer and decided it would be an adorable holder for a scrapbook.  I bought these little tags and I found a bunch of different quotes to represent each month of the year.  
I used my scraps and paper embellishments and I made a 'main' month tag for each month, but then I also made three colorful tags to go behind each month.  The idea is that she can add pictures and stories to the tags that go along with each month so that at the end of the year, there is a year worth of stories and pictures.  
I love the way this first project turned out.  Next up, golden book scrapbooks...

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