Dollar Store Bunny Wreath

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
 I've really been into pink and white this Easter.  I recently saw a wreath like this online and knew just where to grab the pieces.
They sell foam wreaths and bunny ears at the dollar store.  You can also find boas there, but they aren't always in stock, so I used a coupon and got two for half off at the craft store.  
 I took the ears and stretched them around the foam and then taped them into place.
 I then taped the edge of the boa onto the foam wreath and started wrapping it around.
 It took two boas to cover the whole thing.  You could spray the foam white if you want to space out the boa a little more (but not see the green foam), but.....the point is-easy and adorable and it fits right into my current decor.

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