Laundry Room Makeover

Friday, April 28, 2017
In January, I FINALLYdecided to tackle my Laundry Room/Utility Room.  Through the years it had become this place where I shoved everything I kept meaning to do something with until it became almost unwalkable. In the last few years I've redone my bedroom, closet, craft room, and now my utility room.  My living room/kitchen/yard that everyone sees needs some major TLC, but.....their day will come.  Redoing these unseen rooms actually makes the biggest impact on me  I breath so much easier!  As much as I wanted to go all out-I used the shelves and things I had already.  I did give the walls a coat of white paint b/c it's a dark room, and I threw down a rug over the concrete floor.  Maybe I'll go back SOMEDAY and add some 'real floors', but there are so many other things in my house that need some attention, and this is a million times better than it was.  I don't have a before in this case b/c....I'd like to be left with some dignity.  It was a hard room to photograph b/c it's long and skinny (an add on from the garage), so I took a video TRYING to show a bit more....that video lives here....

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