Golden Book Scrapbook

Friday, May 12, 2017
 I decided this year I was going to buy old Golden Books and make scrapbooks out of them.  I've seen journals, and when I searched I even found some albums.  Instead of scrapbooking on the page itself, I inserted pages throughout the book so pictures good be added, but the stories could still be read.
 Here is a video walk through of all the pages.

 There are some things I didn't show in the album....first....I sliced off the spine of the book with a paper cutter.
...and this is the binding machine I used.  You could also take it to an office store, but the one thing I learned was that I needed to cut down the pages and punch them before I embellish them b/c I did have some trouble fitting them into the binder with the stickers etc on the pages.
This one I kept pretty simple to fit my pal's taste, but my plan is to do some more and really jazz them up.  I may even add some photos to a few before gifting them.

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