Bible Journaling Sheer Photos

Wednesday, June 07, 2017
 Bible Journaling was my New Year's resolution.  I LOVE it so much!  It fits my personality so well, and right now it's still authentic to me.  Creating is how I best express myself, so it makes sense that this works for the bible as well.  I knew nothing when I began, so...if anyone else is in that boat-here's is one more thing I recently learned.    I really wanted to journal a quote I heard recently, but I wanted to include a photo from a trip to Israel in 2016 of the garden tomb.  .
 I found out that several gals I follow use clear mailing labels to print their stickers etc from online onto.  I bought these and put four different photos I want to use over time from my travels.  I just slipped them through my printer.
 I cut one out of the garden tomb and stuck it down to the page over a section in Luke that talks about the death of Christ and his burial.  I love that the picture is sheer enough you can still use the words.
I wanted to splatter some purple and green paint on the page (I put some from the water colors on my brush and run my thumb over the brush to make it flick) before making some really messy (on purpose) purple flowers (that remind of the ones I saw growing near the tomb on my visit).  Side note-do any painting in advance of applying the sticker or it can wash away some of the color.  Once it dries, THEN apply the stickers so there is no smearing.

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