Dinosaur Birthday Party

Monday, June 19, 2017
 I few months back I helped one of my pals host a 7th birthday party for her daughter.  She wanted dinosaurs.
I made these little egg dino invites (which I posted about previously).  The goal was as much DIY as possible.  
 The memories I have are the ones at home where my mom decorated the house and baked the cake.  Instead of ice cream we served pudding layers with oreos and topped with chocolate rocks and dinosaurs.  The kids loved these.
 I also made some games (via pinterest ideas).  Pin the horn on the triceratops.
 Feed the T-Rex.
 I put out bubbles and chalk (it was near Easter, so I found some shaped like eggs).
I also made a photo booth with props.  I put out a bunch of supplies so the kiddos could decorate a 'frame.'  The girls loved this most.  I used my little Polaroid to take pictures.  
 I also made some party hats using some from the dollar tree.  We set out some snacky foods and gave them fun dino names.  Dino eggs, dino bones, herbivore and carnivore treats etc.
 She even had her sons get a dino costume and one popped out mid party.  Side note, they had t-shirts made for each family member.  I made a seven-o-saurus for the birthday girl, then bro-a-saurus, dad-o-saurus, and mom-o-saurus wore their shirts.
 The last activity was a 'dinosaur' egg hut.  Her older brothers helped hide them.  I bought some shades of green eggs and a TON of dino fillers from Oriental Trading (dino erasers, gummies, stamps, stickers, finger puppets etc).  I put a different item in each color egg and initially told each kiddo to find one of each color egg, then let them go to town once we knew they had found one of each prize.  This also allowed me to tell the parents with kid allergies etc not to pick up any yellow eggs (the only on with a food item).
It was a hit, and I know she will have memories of this to last a lifetime.  

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