DIY Gold Chargers

Wednesday, July 05, 2017
 It's the day after the 4th of July....which means it's time for Christmas.  OK, maybe only if you are a craft store, but still....isn't that always how it works?  So....I'm typing this post during Christmas past, but I'm setting it to post the craft stores start pulling out their Christmas crafts, here's a little something I put together last year.  I found gold napkins at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas section last year.  I used my embroidery machine to embroider "Jingle" on each one, and then I sewed a bell to all four corners.  I got the fine china from the dollar tree, and for the chargers.....
I found these for 67  cents at Hobby Lobby in the clearance section-I guess shiny lime green chippy paint chargers didn't work out too well!  I used some plastic primer (which turns them white-but this allows spray to adhere and stay)) and then I layered on some gold spray paint.  I wanted to try out a different color scheme for my Christmas table last year, so this was the perfect solution-I literally spent less than 2.40 on four chargers.  4 bucks on the plate, and 6 dollars on the napkins and I had a whole new look for the season.  OK....back to summer, but...thinking ahead....I'm always on the hunt for ugly chargers I can change up any old way I want!

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