December Daily Calendar

Friday, September 29, 2017
This year I'm going to join the December Daily bandwagon.  As a single, it's not something I'll necessarily do every year (or I might), but this year (I think) my whole family will be in town, so I thought it might be a nice way to record the memories.

I've been shopping.  I posted some of my hauls on youtube, with a few more to come.  I don't usually do hauls...or youtube, but I might try more videos because it does help tell the story better in some cases...I just have to figure out the camera situation!  I decided to share the hauls b/c there can be so many details, and nothing bugs me more than wondering where someone got something, I can refer back.

Obviously, it's not December yet but once December hits I'd like to keep up with my album on a weekly basis, since I'll be juggling that with the busiest month....I've decided to do some prep, though I still want to leave room for spontaneous plans.

One thing I can do in advance is a calendar.  Here's a link to the free printable.  There are some calendars that are provided each year for free, and if I were a patient person...I'd wait.  But, I'm not a patient person.  I added a few little enamel dots (from Hobby Lobby), a ticket (from the Dollar tree) and a little sticker that says 'stories' from October Afternoon.  My plan is to fill this out day by day.

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