Faux Flowers

Friday, September 01, 2017

I did a segment recently on Good Morning, Texas....and I didn't have a lot of time in advance to share the tutorials before I brought them to the set. However, I had some time to snap pictures of the trays with the step by step projects before they carried my table out to the set.
Sneak peak-this is my table sitting in the room that is behind the studio.  If I'm not in the first segment, a lot of times my table gets carried out during the comercial break.  
 Since it was in the heart of summer, I did faux flowers that can stand the heat and don't need water.  One thing I did was painted rocks.  I bought these at Michael's (near the bags of marbles).  I painted them different shades of green and then used a paint pen to mark on the 'needles.'  I put them in a little pot with some Spanish moss from the dollar store when I was finished.
I also made some felt flowers.  For the center I folded over a strip of felt and glued the cut edges together.  I then snipped on the fold about halfway down.  I rolled it up, adding a little glue as I went.  
 I then took some felt and cut in a spiral, but did a little 'bump'.  I glued this around the fringed center and added these to a cute arrow I had found at Hobby Lobby.
Last up-paper succulents.  I cut 3 leaves of five different sizes into a tear drop type shape.


I cut the end about 1/3 up the leave and then overlapped the cut edge a little and glued it together.  
Then I glued each of the three same sized leaves together and then stacked them.  I also made a little heart shape piece for the center, but....get creative.  
The segments are always about 4-41/2 minutes, so I try to pick each crafts anyone COULD do that can be explained clearly on air.  These are all easy projects to toss together.

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