Pencil Door Hanging

Friday, September 15, 2017
I made this pencil wreath last month as the school year geared up.  
 Step one is to cut out the shape and then run some glue or no fray glue around the edges so the strings won't fray away.  Cut out two of the same shapes and I do this to both the front and back.
I then paint my design on plastic.  Since the holes are so large in burlap it takes a lot of paint and this helps the paint kind of 'pool' and stick better.  
 Once it dries, run hot glue along three side's edges and glue the paint front to the blank back.
 I left an opening so I can stuff this.
I stuffed mine with paper b/c I plan to add some heated vinyl with a name or word eventually, but you can also stuff these with plastic bags or stuffing.  
Glue the last side and then add some rope for hanging.  These would be cute as a pumpkin or I've seen cute summer watermelons and flamingos.

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