Vintage Jewelry Projects

Wednesday, September 06, 2017
I love collecting vintage jewelry and brooches.  The goal is to spend as little as possible though, so I collect them at salvation army stores and thrift stores.  You can get a great deal when you find those bags with only 'one earring.'  I'm not going to actually uses the jewelry for it's original purpose, so I'm OK just having one earring, but I love repurposing something that had a life this case, I hope it was a fun one.  
I recently did a segment for Good Morning, Texas.  They asked me to bring some projects using old jewelry.  I'll link the video here, but I'm also including a few pictures.  I used some of my brooches to decorate frames.  
I also made a wreath with some using a dollar store wreath I covered with some burlap ribbon.  The only tools I needed were a glue gun, so it was really easy, and I love getting to look at these vintage jewels in their repurposed form.

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