Witches Broom Treat Bags

Friday, September 22, 2017
 I made these last year for some of the gals I work with.  These actually came from a kit via Stampin Up.  I did detail the process so I can make my own witches bags in the future, so....for me (and :you:) here are all the steps and materials the kit came with, but first....I was planning on making caramel apples to go in the bags, but when I got them they were a bit smaller than I thought, so I made a trailmix instead, my fav-candy corn and peanuts, but I also added sixlets I colored black circles on so they would look more like eye balls.
 The bag they went inside had fringe cut about 1 inch down all the way across.
 There was a second bag with the bottom cut off, and it was cut all the way down (to about an inch).  There was a strip of sticky tape that allowed you to adhere it to the first bag....
 They you put the treat inside, put a straw into it for the handle, and bunch both up and tie it shut.
...add a tag and they are good to go.

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