Mail a Pumpkin

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
I'm always trying to find fun ways to send things through the mail. This Halloween I'm sending some treats in these little pumpkin cans.  
 I used a pull tab can of soup that I opened with one of the openers that removes the lid without leaving a sharp edge.  I then sprayed the can orange.
I filled the can with little treats I found at the dollar spot and Party City favor bins.
I added some confetti from Hobby Lobby to fill the extra space.

 I took a glue gun to reattached the lid so it can be 'popped open.'  Since this is going through the mail I'm also taping it.
I colored on a face with a black paint pen and added labels and mailing labels to the can and then sent it on it's way.
 You'd be surprised by what you can ship through the mail-no brown envelope required.

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Crystal_235 said...

Love this idea!