Dollar Store Ornament Garland

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
I made this last year for Good Morning, Texas.  I made a loop on each end so it can hang in a swag, but I was lazy and had it lay across the top of my buffet, which was just as pretty....maybe this year she'll make the wall.  .  
 I bought some ornaments at the Dollar Tree. They sell them in all shapes and sizes.  I took about 5 tubes per swag, and I made each swag separate so it wasn't too heavy.  These ornaments are really light, so it's not too heavy, but still.
 I took some wire and twisted the end so I had a loop for hanging.
I also twisted on the first ornament next to that loop and then I just started dropped ornaments down my wire varying the colors until I had this...
I twisted off the other end and now it's ready to hang.  Not too shabby for 5 bucks.

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