TShirt Quilt

Saturday, November 18, 2017
 This year for Christmas I made my brother a t shirt quilt.  He had a ton of shirts taking up closet space from sport's team victories and races he's run.  I used a plastic square to cut them all down to the same size. 
 I cut 2 inch strips and sewed them to the sides and then between each row.  This allowed me to be less than perfect.  The reality is I don't have the patience or talent to match up corners, so this is the most forgiving way for me to put together blocks...and it makes the quilt a little longer too. 
I bought some batting and a soft sheet for the back and I took it to a quilter to attach the two pieces together and then added some binding using the same fabric between each square.  Last,  I added some dog hair b/c no project is complete without dog hair. 

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