A Jar of Good

Monday, January 01, 2018

Mission complete!  I always make a lot of resolutions because that's the kind of gal I am.  I figure if you have enough goals you are bound to hit some!  A new thing I did this last year was this jar of  'good.'  Before the start of 2017 I cut out 52 sheets of paper using some scraps I had.  Each week, on Saturday evening, I wrote one good thing that had happened that week.  Sometimes it was hard to narrow them down.  Sometimes it was hard to come up with something good.  In the end, despite trials and triumphs, I have a year of good memories in this jar.  I put a reminder in my planner each week, but another suggestion would be to put a reminder on your phone.  There were a few weeks I wasn't home on Saturday, so I wrote down a note in my phone and transferred it when I returned home.  I have some different plans for this year, but I'll definitely revisit this in the future!  I'm not sure if I'll keep these in the jar, or make a scrapbook or 2017 memory box, but for now, they will hang out in the jar as a reminder there was a lot of good in a seemingly difficult year!

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