Fairy Bubble Wand

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

 I  made these fairy bubble wands that should be airing (I think) on March 6th on GMT.  They are really simple and cute.  You can adapt them  by using plastic sticks so make them a little safer (dowel rods making me nervous for little kiddos).
 I bought some beads at the dollar store, as well as some for half off at the craft store in some fun spring shapes.  I also got some 16 Gage wire from the jewelry section so it would hold it's shape.
I used some wire cutters, but you can also use scissors and just bend it back and forth a few times once you create that indent with scissors.  Another alternative would be to use a pipe cleaner.  I wrapped it around the dowel rod and then I added some floral tape and hot glue and a ribbon just to keep it really firmly in place.  Next up....bubbles.

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Lynn said...

Such a cute idea! I turned it into a bubble wand for Barbie dolls! Thanks for the inspiration-Happy Easter Week!