Heat Press

Friday, February 16, 2018
This is NOT a sponsored post, this is just a tool I have tried out and liked and I wanted to share b/c I had a lot of questions before purchasing this tool.  I've had a Cricut for years, and a few years ago I got into making vinyl shirts.  I have been using my iron without too much success for long term sticking.  It also took me a lot of pressing, rubbing, lifting, re-pressing, and probably a few words I shouldn't know to get things to adhere.  I know they have large presses a lot of folks use, but I just DON'T have the space required for those presses.  I got this one for about a hundred (99) around Christmas.  It does not come with an ironing board for below to press the shirts on, so you do have to purchase that separate.  Instead of buying their board, I used a flat board from the sewing section at the craft store (use a coupon, it's much cheaper).  They just saying not to use an ironing board b/c it's not truly flat.  I followed the online instructions for temperatures, and I pressed it several times from the front and the back.  I did these little Valentine shirts and then a bunch of multi colored vinyl shirts that are going to be a surprise for something else and it worked great.  So, two thumbs up for this Cricut Heat Press that I can store in a closet and didn't need to find more table top room for in my craft room!

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