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Friday, February 09, 2018

I recently went to scrapbook with my pal, Amber.  I had very few pictures I hadn't scrapbooked.  NOT because I'm caught up, but because I gave up on printing photos a few years back b/c I got so far behind, SOOOOO now I'm just scrapbooking current events and working from there.  As a single gal, it's not as though I have my kiddo's pictures stuck in a camera, and if I did, I'd just pop those puppies into a digital album and call it good.  SOOOO, in an effort to not get behind again, I did the two events I had photos from, and then did some pages for upcoming events so that I just have to journal and pop the pages inside the albums.  
This was the one page I actually had photos from, a shower I this summer. 
My sister from another mister and I think we are funny, so we do something called "ladies who Mensa" it was that or 'chess club.'  We said we were going to do monthly meetings where we tried new things.  We meet up, but usually just to eat the same old bad food, but occasionally we Mensa.  This weekend we went and got scalp massages and made some macaroons.  This page is for those adventures. 

Unicorns and birthday, you just never out grow them if you do life right.

I loooove vintage Easter, but I've had this paper combo for a few years and wanted to use it, so I went ahead and made a page.  I'll make an Easter 2019 with my vintage paper later.

I fell in love with this paper at the scrapbook store.  I'll definitely add some journaling to the blank space and some more doodads.

OK...time to put the scrapbooks up for awhile and get to work on some serious Valentine-ing.

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