Corinth, Greece Part 3 of 4

Monday, March 26, 2018

When we returned to Athens from Santorini we worked with Athens Timeless Tours again (and again....I get nothing for telling you about the company, I just loved them sooooo much).  We requested, Markos (above) b/c I swear we are family by this point, though I have a feeling he's this great to everyone given his reviews on tripadvisor, but.....I'll call him brother if I want to.  Seriously, do yourself a favor if you go to Athens and hire this company.  They go all over, and I can't imagine you won't want to fight me for family rights to my new Greek brother.
We decided we wanted to see Corinth.  I had been reading about this ancient town recently in the bible, and I wanted to see the Las Vegas of history and see where the gospel took hold.
It was about an hour outside of Athens.  Our first stop was the famous canal.

The trip is yours to make of it.  We booked a half day, and one stop we wanted to make was at this pottery shop where the owners make museum replicas of different things that were found.  One of the owners on site stopped what he was doing and showed us how they made their objects, again-the Greek people are a-maz-ing.  
Next up we went to Ancient Corinth.  All the museums were half off at this time.  There was an area where they had different things that had been unearthed from these sites.  I did have to ask about all the headless statues we found and I was told a lot of them lost their heads during the Christian crusades b/c they were destroying all the idols.  Good to know b/c I was starting to really wonder about ancient 'art.'

They had all sorts of items found in the city from decorations to toys, and bottles, but the mosaics were pretty impressive.  

Outside the ancient Corinth museum you can walk around the site of the old temples, where the shops would have been, and ancient springs and fountains.  The wild flowers and poppies were in full bloom as well.  

We also got to see an area called the Bema where Paul would have probably done some preaching.  

After touring Ancient Corinth, we climbed up to Acrocorinth.  It has been built up by the various conquerors, and just the 'outside' view was pretty stunning.  You can go up without the walls and see the old acropolis here, but it's pretty dangerous, so we enjoyed the view from the nearby hill.  

I loved to see the sites and scenes where the Corinthians would have lived and worked and listened as the gospel sparks began.

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