Baby Numbers

Monday, June 18, 2018

One of my good friends is about to have baby #4.  She has not found out the gender of the last 3, but she wants the other kiddos to be able to talk to them/talk about them, so she always gives them a nickname-Peanut, Sweetpea, Pumpkin, and now Apple.  Sweetpea was my godson, so I made him some Disney baby countdown numbers when he was born (she loves everything Disney).  For brother #3 I made some pumpkin countdowns, and now for Baby #4 I was commissioned to make apples.  These are really simple to make.  I just use full sheet labels and then use word to create a circle, put a clipart and some text boxes inside and then cut in a circle.  I'm sure I could do it on my Cricut as well, but this was the 'get this done in a hurry b/c I have 456,345,234 on the to do list, but numbers can't wait way to do it!

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