Bible Journaling Gift Idea

Friday, August 10, 2018
 My cousin's daughter loves art, and she's old enough now to really be able to get into more intricate work.
I always start my Christmas shopping in January to try to help with the pocket book.  As I think of ideas, I pick them ups, so gifts are ready to roll come December.  There are also a ton of birthdays in the fall, so this has kept me afloat.
This year I'm putting together a beginner Bible Journaling Kit.  I made her a personalized pencil pouch and got her the basic supplies (map pencils, water color, pens).
I also used a coupon at Hobby Lobby to pick up this bible journal bible.  It has some pages with pre-drawn pictures and words you color, and some are blank for creative interpretation.  My plan is to do a few with her to get her excited.  Now....on to the other 9,567 gifts.

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