Teaching Tuesday: Teacher Incentive

Tuesday, February 12, 2019
 I'm on a committee that works to try to come up with fun things to keep the moral high in the schools.  This is something I originally saw on instagram and adapted to our school.  I created a room service menu with a list of snacks and drinks for each teacher to choose from that will be delivered to their room.
Here is a link to a free printable.  We aren't going to do this for a few months, it's one of several upcoming things we have for the teachers, but I figured I'd post about it before the file gets lost somewhere on my computer.  We are going to buy a bunch of snacks in advance and then deliver, and use the left over snacks for a state test that is going to be the following week.  I imagine you could also tally up the snacks and go shopping that evening, but I'm definitely a work ahead kind of girl.  Now it's time to copy and cut a bunch of these out so they are ready to roll out and down the hallway.

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