Air Fryer Quesadillas

Thursday, April 18, 2019
 I'm always looking for something new to take to lunch.  I also have been trying to explore recipes with my air fryer.  This was so yummy and so easy to put together.  I wrapped each of the quesadilla in foil and I'm heating them in a little oven we have at work in the morning.
I bought (already made) fajita chicken, a bag of these peppers and onion blend in the freezer section (above), Mexican style shredded cheese, and flour tortillas (I bought the smaller ones, rather than the burrito size so they would fit in my air fryer).  
I set my fryer to 370 and layered the tortilla, cheese, onions and chicken, more cheese, and a second tortilla).  I sprayed the top with cooking spray, cooked for three minutes, flipped, sprayed, cooked for 3 more minutes.  The only tricky part was flipping these.  I used a spatula and tongs and a few times lost a little filling (though it stuck pretty well thanks to the cheese).  The air fryer made these really crisp which I loved.  
Here's a little peek at the inside.  Side note, the original recipe called for you to set the little basket on top of the tortilla while it backed so the tortilla didn't puff up.  I didn't have this issue, but...if you do...or future me does, there's a tip to try.

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