Glazed Ham

Thursday, April 11, 2019
I think I've mentioned a time or ten I'm cooking through the Pioneer Woman Holiday Cookbook.  No time restrictions, just as the reason arises.  Instead of retyping the recipe, I'm just adding a few tips I learn along the way, and I'm not planning to blog the 200 plus recipes, just my favorites.  These are the ones I know I'll make again (probably this Easter), and a few things I wanted to remember that didn't make the cookbook b/c it's probably more a 'Christy thing.'  Here is where the original recipe lives for this ham.  
Here are the two things I learned.  1.  When you are making the glaze-watch it closely!  Mine boiled up and over (thanks to that Dr Pepper) really quickly.  I turned my back for a second mess on the stove that resurrected itself the next morning and involved the fire alarms b/c of the sticky glaze I didn't get off all the way.  2.  I also bought a precut ham and I still studded the top with the cloves.  I just poked them around as much as possible, and then I removed them after.  I'm not sure if you are supposed to, but....I did.  The ham came with it's own glaze pkt, but I tossed that.  It was a noticeably more delicious ham!

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