Mouse Inspired Party in a Box

Wednesday, May 22, 2019
 A lot of my favorite friends are turning 40 this year (as well as myself).  I've spent a year trying to think of the 'perfect' gift for each friend based on their personality and our friendship.  I don't know what their true thoughts are, but I know I feel satisfied with the end product.
This gift box was shipped out to my Disney Loving friend, Maurine.  I can't be there to celebrate her birthday, so I've provided a little party in a box.  If she isn't spending today at the parks, I know she will be there soon, so I sent her a birthday girl baseball t-shirt I made, some mouse ears I bought on etsy.  I also sent 6 little shirts, and a onsie that said "birthday squad" for her four kids, nephew, and godson.  I found some cute little straws at target, and then made my own card and some 'confetti.'
I have one more gal in my inner circle who celebrates after me, and I have a different idea for her gift, less of a box of events since we will get to spend it together.  But big day arrives in less than two months :gulp:!

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