Silver Wreath

Monday, December 02, 2019
 I'm taking a bunch of wreaths to GMT today, but this is the wreath I'm taking....and then brining home to hang.  Actually, they had a very similar wreath at Sam's, the time I went to get it, it was gone.  I hardly ever 'buy' a wreath, so you know I like it if I went to purchase instead of make the wreath.  I was bummed, but then, when they asked me to come share some wreaths, I thought, hey, I can make that wreath I didn't get!
 I switch my outside decor back and forth, but this year, it's back to silvers and whites, goes perfectly with the rest of the decor outside.
It was 36 dollars at Sams, but I was able to make it for less than 20.  I bought ornaments at the dollar tree, and a few at the craft store on major discount.  I bought a little 'church' ornament for $2 something at Walmart, and some bottle brush tress (again, half off-about $3.50? at Hobby Lobby).  I got a foam wreath at the dollartree, and then some tinsel.  The tinsel is the only thing even remotely pricey.  They have a ton of different colors, but I wanted this particular garland from Walmart, which cost about 5 dollars. Normally, I'd use a coupon at the craft store, was a lot of tinsel.  You need about 18 yards to wrap a dollar tree size wreath.  A bigger wreath, maybe grab two of these.  I hot glued it all on, and now....once it has it's television debut, I'm ready for Christmas, well, my door is ready.  I've got a lot of projects left to do!

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