Cake Ball Valentine's "Chocolate"

Friday, February 14, 2020
 I made these little chocolate cake balls this year for Valentine's Day.  I took a piece of wax paper and 'traced' the size of the inserts left from the chocolate I ate.
 I took the cake balls I had previously made and frozen into balls and I used a knife to shape the cake balls.
 I did make them a little 'tall' so the box couldn't close, so....I need to make them a little smaller next time.
I then took the box and traced the shape on some scrapbook paper and added the chocolate cake balls I had dipped and decorated with Wilton Chocolates I bought at the craft store.  
I added pom poms and tag because.....well, does this require explanation?  And a Happy Valentine's was had by all b/c I sure did cover up any calorie information from the chocolates I ate and the faux cakeball chocolates I made I ignored the ingredient list and I'm sure any guess on the internet is wrong.

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