Snowman Spoons

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

     I've been cleaning out my garage, but it involves a lot of staring at items and trying to decide where they came from, why I have them, and where my life is going.  For the first time, I have all the time, and I'm trying not to waste it, but the truth is-I'm dragging.  I don't think it's just me.  Oh, corona virus.
     So, a week or so ago I pulled out a basket of random stuff in the garage.  Normally, I would have tossed these two things, but I decided to try to repurpose everything in that basket instead of tossing or donating the items.  The scoop was from a candy bar I probably hosted years ago.  Most of the scoops live in a jar with other party items, but I guess this guy missed the boat....and got discolored and probably housed a spider family at some point.  The spoon was something I bought when I was trying to bang letters into metal.  It turns out metal letters prefer real silver, not dollar store spoons.  Don't we all?
    So, I gave each of these guys a snowman face and some ribbon and now they are ready for Christmas.  And probably a spider family, who I hope appreciates the festive new look.
    This also reminded me....I need to go back to that metal stamping craft I wanted to try out.  I did some research and I've determined I'm SURE my problem is I didn't have a two pound hammer and metal base.  I set aside two silver spoons to see if I can resurrect that craft.  Here's hoping things get back to (sort of) normal and I don't have the time, but if not.  Get ready.

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