Faux School House Light

Monday, July 06, 2020
 This was so easy, I almost didn't post it, but....hopefully this will inspire me to get moving on some other projects if I DO post it.  I bought some adorable, expensive, school house light covers for my bathroom make over awhile back.  I am currently all about school house lighting, so when I broke the light in my laundry room for the second time....I decided to DIY a little light.
I found this 'school house' style light at Home Depot for 7 dollars.  I used a paper cutter and slice 1/4 inch vinyl pieces and I just ran them around the light.  They aren't even completely 'even', but they still look good and are holding strong. So, when I break this light, I won't be so sad b/c I'll know how to make a new one.  It looks cute with the other décor in the laundry room, but....the laundry room is currently a mess, so.....click here for old photos, and someday I'll add new photos.

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