Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Homemade Gift: Cookies for Santa

I made this gift (see where I borrowed the idea below) for my friend Heather's family. I finished it last night amongst the cooking issues.

The Insides

She has two little boys (Halloween costume boys), and I thought this was such a cute idea (when someone else has to put the pieces of your craft together-what could be better?). I also thought this would be fun to adapt in years to come with the gifts I send out to friends who I can't be with during the holidays. It's fun to be single when you have time to craft little goodies like this, but it's kinda lonely when you don't have anyone to actually make those cookies with...OK, wipe those tears ;O), and I'll move forward. I found the original idea for this bucket at this blog: http://partiesandholidays.blogspot.com/2009/10/cookies-for-santa-kit.html
I made some adaptions-I could not just use two scrapbook papers, and one kind of ribbon....the ribbons just sort of vomited out of my hand and all over the bucket's handle. Did I mention I like these buckets? Scratch that, did I mention I'm stalking these buckets at Michaels? It almost hurt to give it away, I mean, sure I have one in my warehouse (some people refer to this as their closet), but what if they stop selling them? I think I need to go buy ten more! I'm sure my pal will regift this bucket, and I want her to (though hopefully she will make the cookies first!). The buckets are so great, they even come with a little washer to open the lid! Anyway, this is one of those gifts that is sort of like winning the goldfish at the carnival-now you have to care for it. Heather may have a love/hate relationship with this Christmas gift, but....she'll forgive me soon.
I found the clipart for the bucket directions here, and then fought with word over the rest of the formatting. http://devynlarson.blogspot.com/ I didn't see anything that said you couldn't use her clipart, and I would have investigated further if I were using these to sale, but it's just one lonely gift to a friend, so I hope this blog owner doesn't mind!
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Entertaining Women said...

Your bucket is darling. I'm on my way to Michael's with my discount coupon right now! Thank you for sharing your precious idea...via your friend...LOL. Cherry Kay

Jami said...

Another cute, cute idea! So glad you came to the party!

More Entertaining Women said...

You are so very sweet to do things for your friends and your family. It sure makes us feel good when we make something really special for someone else - especially when their eyes light up. CUTE idea. You made it yours and it's something I want to do for all the staff members at church for Christmas - maybe I'll get started early!! Thanks for the inspiration!