Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On the Second Day of Christmas...A Big Band Sang to Me

On Tuesday, Mom and I went to the Eisemann. Mom's friend gave her tickets to see a 'Frank Sinatra Christmas' as a thank you for taking care of her cat family while they were out of town recently. When my Mom told me she was given the tickets, she also told me it wasn't the 'real Frank Sinatra.' Yes, I do know that much, if it was----this Christmas just got a lot better, or a lot worse, depending on who you are asking. It was this fellow (Steve Lippia) that sings the Frank Sinatra era music with a big band accompanying him, and he included some of the beautiful Christmas classics. He was really incredible, as were the box seats smack dab in the middle of the balcony. Mr. Eisemann and his wife share this box with Mom's friends (who have season tickets) and they introduced themselves and were really sweet. I love that theater, and it was neat to meet someone who brought it to life, as well as to hear a little different take on some holiday festivities.