On The Third Day of Christmas...My True Love Did I Eat

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holly had us over this evening for dinner at her apartment. When I asked her what we were having a few days before this, she said 'rolls'...she understood this was where you start with a dinner involving me...and where you end. The rolls were delicious-as was the roast, corn, potatoes, Dr. Pepper (my family's 'bottle' of choice) and apple pie with ice cream she made to fill out the meal. After dinner we went to my all time favorite lighted neighborhood-Deerfield. I took a brief video of a house that made national news last year, all the lights go to music from a radio station you can tune to as you pass. The clip doesn't do it justice (I was driving as I took it), but more than that, I'd say that 9 out of 10 houses are decorated with really elaborate lights through the neighborhood, and yard decor (some a little less flashy than this one). This neighborhood is almost impossible to get through on Christmas Eve, but today was great with a steady flow of traffic. They also offer carriage rides in the neighborhood, but I appreciated my heated vehicle.

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