February 11th

Sunday, February 12, 2006

My brother got married! Yes, it was a bit of a shock.....we had four days warning. The only thing behind the rush is an eager couple.....and in true Jason style, Jason decided what he wanted to do, and Jason went and got it done. My Mom and I did the best we could with four days....and everything went smoothly. One short informal, yet fun ceremony at the JOP, and a VERY small family reception at the house later....I've got an older sister (Tonya), a niece and a nephew. It'll be official when I steal her make up or something....I'm also excited about being an Aunt....even if you have to throw 'Step-" in before you finish the sentence.....but I've got lots of competition, they have four other aunts....which means I've got a lot of catching up to do. Xavier will be 12 in April, and Taylor turns 10 on February 27th. She's already let me know what she would like me to leave her in my will, so I guess it's official.....they are family....It's February 12th, and this year has already had more changes than the last five years have had in store for me.....I wonder where I'll be next December at the rate I'm going!

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