This Weekend

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I promise this will be the last 'animal picture' for awhile (yeah right) fact, for the next few weeks I've got 'big event's' with REAL PEOPLE I might could even post some info and pictures of....but this last weekend I kitty cat nephew (or as I like to call it-my future cat if the streak continues the way it has been going). It was a 'wild' weekend for Bo (the cat).....he's really cute, he likes to sleep UNDER covers, and cat nap on your lap....but mostly he likes to chase anything that moves/ever moved/ever might have thought about moving/wasn't nailed down/was nailed down/took up matter in the universe etc....INCLUDING the dogs which were terrified of him. He has sharp claws, and they have VERY tiny was super fun, dog tails make fun play toys. He also played with the dog's toys all weekend....and Max did NOT learn to share in puppy training classes.....he's gone now, but I did capture one shot of him is good FOR MY BROTHER THE FAVOR HOG....I did get more than four days notice that I needed to watch him this weekend (I think it was five). I guess I can be grateful he didn't get a puppy pitbull or something to watch.....; was fun....and there you have it, another exciting day in the life of Christy.

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